Aruna Wijerathna

Software Engineer in Sri Lanka

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Hello there! I'm Aruna, a software engineer who's really into crafting innovative solutions for real-world challenges. My journey in this field is fueled by a mix of curiosity, creativity, and a strong drive for excellence. I love turning ideas into something impactful. With a track record of working on diverse projects and delivering top-notch results, I'm all set to help take your next project from good to great. Ready to make something amazing together? Let’s make it happen!

Work Experience


Ampd Platform

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AMPD aims to fill the gap in recurring income streams for a wide range of content creators on Cardano (Blockchain), from artists to developers, enabling them to monetize and grow their audience in the web3 world. I was able to work with ampd team in three different solutions.

  1. Ampd Landing Page

    Develop bespoke responsive landing page for Ampd.

  2. Ampd ID

    Web 3 Authentication solution for Cardano blockchain applications.

  3. Ampd Sub

    Ampd subscription dashboard where users can subscribe and pledge funds to their favourite creators, developers. This platform uses Ampd ID as the authentication solution.

Key Responsibilities
  • Communicate and collaborate with offshore development team to identify technical requirements.
  • Define project tasks and prioritize them.
  • Application architecture design.
  • Database design.
  • Manage Development, Staging and Production infrastructure.
  • Setting up and managing deployment pipelines.
  • UI development.
  • API development.
  • Produce technical documentations.

Family Connect

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Family Connect is health, wellness and family communication tablet for senior adults. As the senior population continually increases, this comprehensive software provides families with insight into the lives of their senior family member and their health journey at their fingertips

Key Responsibilities
  • Communicate with customer to identify technical requirements.
  • Application architecture design.
  • Database design.
  • Create Estimates with the Technical team and the project manager and make sure the team hits all technical milestones.
  • Code reviews and ensure code quality.
  • Setting up and managing deployment pipelines.
  • API development.
  • Produce technical documentations.


Spot is Human Capital Platform operating with the primary goal of utilizing AI to bridge the gap between the talent and the organizations. Our platform provides talented individuals a place to manage and showcase their portfolios while applying and automatically getting recommended for the best suited talent vacancies. To the organizations, we provide a full suite of features covering everything from Job advertising, AI recommendations for best matching talent, IQ / Personality and Technical tests for the applicants and Applicant Tracking System.

Key Responsibilities
  • Identify requirements and key goals of the applications with Key Stakeholders.
  • Done R&D to identify tools and technologies to assist the development team.
  • Oversight technical development.
  • Code reviews & ensure code quality.
  • Setting up and managing deployment pipelines.

Fit Insights

ReactReduxPuppeteerNode.JsUI / UX

FitInsights is portal to player reports with behavioral and social insight reports. You can quickly and easily find information you need to evaluate the fit of each player to navigate risk, maximize strengths and develop untapped potential for the team.

Key Responsibilities
  • Design UI / UX for efficient access of the portal and display data user friendly manner.
  • Develop the UI with React and Redux.
  • Develop Report Generation Engine with Puppeteer and NodeJS.

Mirada Media


A Media management tool that Creators, Labels, and Studios use to streamline their marketing efforts, to promote their creative projects, grow their audience, and track media stream royalties.

Key Responsibilities
  • Design and implement Asset Encryption / Decryption service with Sertainty Technology.
  • Write NodeJs wrapper for Sertainty's C language based data protection library with Node Foreign Function Interface.
  • Load testing the service with JMeter.

Plexus | Fresh Chain

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Plexus is a cutting edge blockchain-backed Digital Identity solution. Where an individual can own and control their own Identity without depending on third parties. This platform creates a network of Digital Identity Providers, Digital Identity Consumers, and Validators.

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